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Lyonsoul is a small-scale hobby breeder of British Shorthair cats based in Surrey, UK. So, how did it all begin? 

My family has always been brought up with cats, when I was 3 my first baby was called Queen Rosemary and that is when my love for cats began. Our following baby was Pepsi, he was the most sociable, loving cat with the most adorable temperament and when he passed at the ripe old age of 17, we were heartbroken. I vowed then that I would never have a pet again due to the pain of losing another one, however, after some time, it became obvious that life without cats in our home would not be possible!

In 2018, we decided to look into getting another and before we knew it we introduced both Montgomery and Bernard to our

ever-growing family. 

The joy that cats bring to the home is invaluable although one that must be considered carefully as they need to be in a loving and nurturing environment. British Shorthairs in particular have an incredibly calm temperament and are also an amazing breed to have around young children, something that we had to strongly factor in with having 2 young children of my own. As a stay-at-home mum, I have been extremely lucky to devote my life to both my children and my cats enabling me to carry out my dream of responsibly breeding these incredibly affectionate, intelligent, and loyal cats that are trainable and will bond closely with their families...

11th October 2001 -
22nd December 2018

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